AGC: Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Utilizing expertise in precision component manufacturing, AGC also offers repair and overhaul of compressor engine components.

The MRO product mix consists of LPC stator assemblies, fan exit fairings and vanes, LPC ducts and cases, fan blade spacers, heat shields and many miscellaneous gas turbine components. Processes include bonding, sealing, riveting, machining, welding, molding, coating and painting.

This division operates entirely within the AGC plant ensuring quality control, faster delivery times and cost savings.

AGC is an FAA authorized repair station since 1986.

AGC Engine Components

Click engine model to download PDF of complete engine component parts list:

JT9D Series
JT9D-3A Series 7A, 20JT9D-7QJT9D-7R4

Energy Turbine Engines


  • Established reputation for the overhaul of vanes.
  • Standard turnaround time of 28 days or less.
  • Expert technicians regularly repair parts made by outside manufacturers such as Pratt & Whitney.

Nose Cones

  • Capabilities include nose cone assemblies and spinner caps for: PW4000, PW2000, V2500 and JT9D
  • On-screen balancing with fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

Stators and Shrouds

  • LPC stator assemblies, fan exit fairings, liner segments, bleed valves, stators, cases and shrouds.
  • Product base includes the overhaul of fan exit vane assemblies and low-pressure compressor stators.
  • Approved for repair on GG4, GG8, V2500, PW4000, PW2000, JT8D-200, JT9D, F100 and F117 stator, shrouds, ducts and cases.