AGC: Original Equipment Manufacturing

Leveraging its own engineering research and development the company possesses a broad spectrum of process capabilities for the manufacture of thousands of components and assemblies made of metal, rubber, urethane, Teflon® and plastics.

Equipment designers will find a multi-faceted engineering team ready to partner effectively to produce a quality product in a timely, cost competitive way. AGC designs and manufactures the vast majority of tools and fixtures in house, further reducing cost and lead time.

AGC has a unique market niche in titanium hot-forming and combination bonding, for example: rubber-to-metal, plastics-to-metal and urethane-to-metal.

Metals Manufacturing

  • Sheet metal fabrications consisting of high-strength aerospace materials, such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, nickel, cobalt and other exotic alloys.
  • Manufacturing techniques include such diverse processes as laser cutting, rolling, expanding, stamping, hot and cold forming, riveting, fusion and resistance welding.
  • Unsurpassed specialization in the hot forming of complicated shapes from various grades of titanium utilizing a maximum work envelope of 48” x 60” x 36”.
  • Complementing our sheet metal capabilities are full machine shop capabilities including CNC machining.

Rubber and Composites

With over 250 proprietary compounds AGC likely already has the right compounds to meet your performance needs. Our chemists can also formulate a compound quickly and accurately to meet any special specification.

Composite capabilities include four distinct manufacturing centers:


  • Three basic types: open cast potting, injection, and compression molding.
  • Cure is typically pressed or by autoclave.
  • Press-cured parts can be produced up to 42” length and autoclave-cured parts up to 24” in length.


  • 35 hydraulic presses onsite produce parts ranging in size from 1/4” to 48” in diameter.
  • Manufacturing techniques include transfer molding, compression molding, hot air vulcanization and die cutting.
  • Hundreds of compounds that meet and exceed standard specifications for unique applications.
  • Most compounds manufactured onsite, reducing cost and lead time.


  • Injection mold and/or transfer mold complicated plastic shapes, specializing in the injection molding of carbon and glass-filled resins.
  • Machining/finishing cell located within the plastics cell, enabling consistent and expert finishing of all products.


  • Specialized manufacture of grommets and cushions uniquely made from Teflon-reinforced materials such as ceramic fiber, aramid fiber, PBI and glass fiber.

Heat Shields

  • Manufactures a variety of aerospace heat management components, including thermal insulation blankets and heat-shielding products made from stainless steel, high-temperature nickel alloys, and encapsulated high-temperature insulation. 
  • American-made products, fast turnaround times, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service and support.
  • A dedicated stand-alone 6,500-square-foot Insulated Foil Heat Shield facility.


  • Manufacture high-precision components from composite or metallic materials.
  • Expertise and skill to combine these disciplines using various techniques, including in-mold vulcanization, silicone bonding, potting or epoxy bonding.
  • Three temperature and humidity-controlled clean rooms and over 50 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of multiple component assemblies that include metal-to-plastic bonding, metal-to-rubber bonding and composite-to-composite bonding.
  • Many assemblies sent for repairs contain components manufactured by AGC.